About Finhead


Finhead, aka Captain Finhead, is a world-class combination stunt performer specialising in object balancing and other unique stunts. 

From a teaspoon to a ten metre pole and everything in between; axes, feathers, roses, fire tapers, chairs, giant flaming candelabras, swords and even food are all part of his repertoire.

His shows can include anything from multiple sit-ups on a bed of nails whilst balancing an axe or giant flaming candelabra on chin, riding a rola-bola and balancing an object on his nose whilst juggling or playing violin, spectacular fire performance and other extreme acts.

Slack rope walking combined with fire juggling and violin playing, handstands, fire eating and body burning, balancing a broadsword tip to tip on a knife held in his teeth, axe balancing and fire/machete juggling combinations… all are available to this micro-mohawked performer.

Finhead performs at awards nights, corporate events and private parties. Apart from corporate entertainment, he also specialises in outdoor events and festivals.

Having a corporate event? Find out what Finhead can do with your company logo or mascot.

This site is updated regularly for all the latest complete info in Finhead and his amazing stunts!

 Candelabra Balance